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(Eric Engman/Fairbanks Daily News-Miner via AP, File) Odds are old Saint Nick was happy to flee the North Pole to make his annual rounds this Christmas. A dirty haze has settled over this part of northern Alaska, hovering over streets named Santa Thank You Claus Lane. The New York Times pins the blame on what it calls an “only-in-Alaska” pollution problem: People use old, inefficient wood-burning stoves, and when the smoke goes out their chimneys, frigid temperatures force it back down to ground level. That results in the highest readings in the nation of a pollution measure called PM 2.5, which refers to fine-particulate matter. In fact, the area suffered a record stretch of six consecutive days earlier this month with air deemed unhealthy, reports the Fairbanks News-Miner . This ground-level pollution is seen as particularly dangerous because it can get directly into lungs. The dirty woodstove problem is particularly pronounced in the Fairbanks-North Pole area, about the size of New Jersey. More From Newser Yellowstones Arsenic Gets Park Service Sued With cleaner natural gas in short supply and heating oil expensive, wood is the fuel of choice as temperatures hover around minus 20 below. Upgrading to a more efficient wood stove is expensive, even with local government assistance, and many independent Alaskans balk at the costand being told Nice sentiments what to do. (An education campaign is trying to spread the word that upgrading is actually a wise investment, notes the Frontiersman .) Failing to comply could result in residents being fined, and the borough losing federal transportation funds if the EPA declares the area in violation of the Clean Air Act.

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Israelis are finding new advice hard to swallow: in the name of proper nutrition, their health minister has gone on the warpath against the beloved Hanukkah tradition of gorging on sugar-laden, deep-fried, jam-filled doughnuts. Yaakov Litzman _ the bearded, black-coated chief of a powerful ultra-Orthodox political party _ considers himself a guardian of Jewish traditions. But he also wears another hat, as a health conscious official on a crusade to stamp out junk food and child obesity. As head of a powerful ultra-Orthodox political party, the bearded and black-coated Yaakov Litzman considers himself a guardian of Jewish traditions. But in his other hat, he’s a health-conscious official on a mission to stamp out junk food and child obesity . Litzman’s two roles have come into conflict with his high-profile call to avoid the lure of the high-calorie “sufgania” doughnut. “I call on the public to avoid eating sufganiyot, which are rich in fats,” Litzman told a conference last week promoting healthy eating. “You can find alternatives for everything nowadays and there is no need for us to fatten our children.” As part of his health food drive, Litzman has campaigned to have sugary drinks removed from schools and taken on fast food giant McDonald’s earning public praise for promoting proper nutrition. “McDonald’s out.

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This.imits.he amount of air that is able to enter alveoli because of constriction of the bronchial tree, due to inflammation. Eliminating tobacco smoking is a primary goal in the prevention of lung cancer, and smoking cessation is an important preventive tool in this process. 75 Policy interventions to decrease passive smoking in public areas such as restaurants and workplaces have become more common in many Western countries . 76 Bhutan has had a complete smoking ban since 2005 77 while India introduced a ban on smoking in public in October 2008. 78 The World Health Organization has called for governments to institute a total ban on tobacco advertising to prevent young people from taking up smoking. This is likely due to a combination of genes . 50 Polymorphisms on chromosomes 5, 6 and 15 are known to affect the risk of lung cancer. 51 Numerous other substances, occupations, and environmental exposures have been linked to lung cancer. The aortic valve at the base of the aorta keeps the blood from flowing backward into your heart. The lungs are the organs in the chest involved in breathing. Please try again. This give the lung a spongelike texture. overweight can also affect the lungs. Share this page from the NHLBI on Twitter. Conversely, blood in the lungs’ capillaries Enjoyed reading this contains a higher partial pressure of carbon dioxide compared to the air in the alveoli.


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